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Jeez! Didn't you guys read my carefully-constucted rating system? You get points for views, but also for posts, the type of posts you write, how many you write, how often you update, who comments, how they comment and stuff like that.

Good point on the views Urban, but even so I'm only doing scores for like up to 500, 500 - 2000, 2000 - 4000 and so on, so individual views don't matter that much. In fact, views make up a tiny proportion of the scores. The main thing is posts and comments, which I think are two of the most important aspects of any journal.

Oh and no, it's not just for my amusement --- it's a lot of work! --- it's to give people an incentive to make their journals better, up their game and climb the league table. I'd be interested in the level of, um, interest in it, because as I say it is a lot of work and if nobody's bothered or thinks it's a good idea I'd be just as happy not doing it. But I thought/think it might make writing journals a little more fun, as well as introducing a competitive element into it.

What do yiz think? Wasting my time or good idea?
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