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Originally Posted by CrazyVegn View Post
Of course mine has little or no views which is why I don't bother updating it LOL
Well the point is everyone starts off with no views, but you only gain those by giving people something to read. At present your journal consists of a list, Veg, which to be fair no-one's terribly interested in. No offence. But when you start adding proper entries to it, talking about the music you like, people will begin to read and your viewcount will grow.

But bear in mind that each day you don't update your journal slips further down the page, and eventually off it onto page 2. People may click on it out of interest while it's on page 1, but rarely if ever once it's left the front page. That's why it's important to always keep your journal --- if you're serious about it --- on the front page. When I see any of mine in danger of slipping towards the end of the page I make a point to throw in an update to get them back up again, front and centre. You have to hold people's attention, show them there's something new here. Even if they don't like it they may click to see what it is, and then you have another view. Not only that, but as long as people keep viewing your journal will remain in a relatively prominent place.
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