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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
And so to this week's Showcase. I've had to go right back to page 3 for this, which is sad, but hopefully it may convince him to start updating again.

This journal was started by our favourite locomotive back in February and was shaping up to be one amazing story, however it seems to have (sorry!) run out of steam at the moment. Hopefully not for long because I for one want to know what happened to Erik.
Here's the very first post/chapter of "An equivocal flail aka The American Dream"...
Interesting. I hadn't seen this until just now. Thanks for your interest. I suppose I took a hiatus because Erik's backstory was kind of bogging me down. If you hadn't guessed, the story is semi-autobiographical and is a bit emotionally draining to write. But it's fun and cathartic and I'd like to get back to it soon.
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