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Look forward to your journal. I'm another member of the Zune insurgency who detests Apple after a long history of buying their inferior products and waging war with their arrogant tech reps who behave like spoiled rock stars. I currently own an 80 meg Zune and a 120 meg Zune and listen to most of my digital files on those two devices.

I previously owned an iPod shuffle that was a piece of junk and it wouldn't even synch half the songs in my digital music collection. After dozens of phone calls to Apple customer assistance techs who treated me like a moron and couldn't solve the problem, I smashed the iPod against the wall and jumped on it until it was in tiny pieces. Then I went out a bought a Zune player and I've been using Zune for five years and haven't had any problems.

I was sad to hear that Microsoft has stopped manufacturing the Zune product line because Microsoft can't compete in a marketplace where Apple sells 90% of the digital music devices.
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