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Default older music =/= better music

Ok before i begin I would like to say, even though I don't like a lot of older music I respect them. I know rock music would be nowhere without the beatles and metal would be no where without iron maiden and metallica, and chances are music wouldn't even be a profitable industry without big band music in the early 1900's (remember, in the olden day musicians were poor, not rich.) I respect ALL musicians for their music (yes even nicki minaj) as much as i don't like them. It's just the way i am.
This all being said, we seem to have a misconception that old music = better music. I would like to point out that this is not true. In this day and age whenever I compare an old school rock band like the beatles with a newschool rock band like rise against, i notice something. Compared to todays rock music old rock music is kind of generic and boring. This is definately had something to do with the fact that there wasn't much to build on at the time and the genre was just dipping it's feet in the water. and yes i admit creating a genre takes an insurmountable amount of still and talent. However, in my opinion as the generations go by every genre get's built on more and more and is getting better and better. With every new generation of musicians we get new and even more creative ideas being used in music, and I find that whenever and old band comes out with a new album (like rush) it tends to try to follow sort of the "old" styles of music (as far as creativitie's concerned). But a newer prog band on the scene such as between the buried and me is fairly young and absolutely full of fresh ideas.
Before i go, again i would like to say i respect all musicians (even ones that are considered top 40 **** or are generally considered *******s). It isn't easy to do what they do no matter who they are or what genre they preform. (hell nicki minaj and lil whayne even, they work hard. Do you think going out and preforming every night is easy. or having to stay up late in the studio reccording.) And i respect what bands like rush, the beatles and acdc have done for the industry. I guess the whole point of this is, keep an open mind when it comes to new bands on the scene, you just might find a new favorite.
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