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Originally Posted by beatsntea View Post

I'm a new member here. After extensive research on the best pair of headphones for me, I'm still at a loss. I guess I could be considered an amateur audiophile (?)- I really love music and I want to be better-researched, but I need some help from the more experienced!

Anyway, I need a pair that ...

1) is good for both indie/folksy stuff as well as dubstep/remix/soundtracks. I don't listen to much pop or metal.
2) Is durable, versatile, and portable, but doesn't sacrifice sound quality too much.
3) Sound quality at least 9.3/10!!
4) Comfortable! I marathon-listen a lot, usually when I'm surfing the internet or studying and especially when I'm working on artwork- that can range from 3-12 hours at a time!
5) Usually I'm either outside, at the library, or at home but it's late at night. I'd like it to be fairly good at not leaking- for the sake of others such as my fellow library-dwellers, roommate, and neighbors, especially when I'm cranking up my dubstep.
6) Assets: Would be nice if they were fashion-forward and can fold up for transportation. Preferably not plastic, but good metal/leather(faux or real) make. Affordability would be fantastic as well.

I've heard Sennheiser, Yamaha, and B&W are good, while Dr Dre/Beats and Skullcandy, etc. are fairly poor and just hyped up.

My budget is around CAD$150-350 (or a bit pricier if I can swing them as a Christmas gift from a rich family member ;D). I'd like to get as much bang for my buck as possible.

Any help or advice is appreciated! ^^

Much obliged,
You should visit some high end audio retailers and try the headphones yourself if you're going to spend that much money on a pair of headphones. I'd never spend $150-350 on a pair of headphone I'd never personally tested for myself. You can get some damn good studio headphones for that price.
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