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Originally Posted by blackdragon123 View Post
Gonna have to take issue with these bold statements. You seem to contradict yourself somewhat. Claiming that in every new generation, the old genres get built upon and we get new and "even more creative" ideas being used...but surely it's more creative to CREATE a new genre like heavy metal or prog rock or punk...wandering into unknown territory and pioneering brand new sounds than building on old ones that have existed for decades? bringing little to the table in terms of CREATIVITY and being too afraid to wander off the beaten track?
ok fine fine fine. you win this round.
however the point is a lot of older music i find to be a bit boring or bland. For example, i can't really stand the beatles or jimi hendrix. It's honestly sounds really dated, basic and generic by todays standard.
it seems like a lot of people are closed minded when it comes to new music and if your favorite band was formed in the past 15 years or so you're usually called some sort of variation of scene ***got.
Hell if i were to make i list of my top 10 favorite artists, dream theater would be the only band formed before 1990 to make the list.
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