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Met a girl last night, she knows my flatmate. Or my flatmate has something of an obsession with her.
They had hooked up a few times. My flatmate probably thought that meant that they had something and was the reason he sent her so many messages and referred to her as 'babe' a lot.

Anyhow, I get talking to her and she wants to cut ties with my flatmate. But doesn't know how to do it. So I offer to friendzone my own flatmate as her.
Of course the use of the term 'friendzone' as previously discussed on here is an odd one, as she didn't want to actually be friends at all. She just wanted shot of him.

Being the wordsmith I am I tried to let the guy down as lightly as possible but he did not take it at all well and seemed quite angry. He said he was sick of being friendzoned and being told he's too nice and he just wanted her to delete his number and not talk to him.
Win/Win right? Meh, I felt that he deserved a little better than that. Some reassurance even if it was somewhat insincere.

So what did I do? I went back to the girls flat with her. Ugh, even when I try to be nice and do the right thing I end up doing the wrong thing. I just have a ridiculous knack for getting myself in these type of situations.
Have been hiding in my room all of today hoping this thing just blows over.
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