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Hello all. I mentioned my long time crush Kristy a few times in here, and out of nowhere she said "I bet you'd be spectacular in bed Tim" and "I've always wondered what it'd be like to have sex with you". Needless to say, you don't expect that coming from your high school crush you were always just friends with. Well, I decided just in case that I'd buy condoms. Not only for this, but for future reference too since I'll be going to a real college later this year. I did a solo test with some Trojan ones, and I knew something wasn't right. They kept rolling themselves up and felt tight. I didn't know that was abnormal. I knew they were long enough, and I know they're stretchy, so I didn't think much of it. After a few minutes it started to hurt and it took forever to get it off. I ended up with an ache in my torso for hours. It felt like I had blue balls, even though I didn't.

Long story short, after some research, I realized I need a bigger size because of girth, which I never really thought much about. Everyone always talks about length so that's all I paid attention to. So now I was curious if any of you guys had any experience with: Trojan Magnum XL, Lifestyles Kyng, Durex Love, Lifestyles Skyn Large, Durex XXL, or Trustex Extra Large condoms. I really don't feel like shelling out money again. I already emailed Trojan telling them they shouldn't just put all of their stuff on a display without any information. It's like you're just expected to know what to get. It's not like fuggin clothing. There's no explanation. Just "hey these are normal, these are snug, these are bigger, these have weird lube on them that make you feel like clouds, these taste like roast beast", etc. It's bull**** for newbies like me.
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