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Originally Posted by WhateverDude View Post
I get you, I know you're not genuinely advocating anything. I can't say I've read Mein Kampf or that I am familiar with the roots of Nazi's bigotry either. But if what you're describing was believed to be genetic then it's just silly to really consider because that's literally impossible.
From what I've been able to gather it's a collective subconscious thing that's tied to blood. Nazis actually believed in Odin. Not necessarily as an actual god, or at least I don't think so, but more as a kind of spirit of the German people, who was the distillation of all the desirable traits of the Aryan race. Whether this was a magical, metaphysical spirit or a metaphorical one I'm not entirely sure though. Supposedly, at certain times, the spirit of the gods could actually possess the German people, to sort of elevate them to their full potential, which is how they saw the Third Reich, a time when Odin was possessing Germany to raise it to the place that was its birthright. So I guess a combination of genetics and mysticism.

Originally Posted by John Wilkes Booth View Post
forced sterilization wouldn't have that perpetual problem. it would just mean a delay of say 60 years or so before you're finally rid of das juden
Fair point. I have to wonder why the Nazis didn't just go with that. Were they worried that they wouldn't have time to do it before they lost the war, and they just wanted to kill as many of the untermensch as possible or something?
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