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Originally Posted by James View Post
Well I can't talk about how it is in America. But here - old money is dominant. Most of the extreme wealth (the most telling in my opinion) has been passed down for generations. Yeah there's a huge middle class, but it's near impossible to penetrate the upper classes. Working class families like mine struggle. WORKING class. Both my parents slave away at their jobs, we're still poor as ****.
It's hard to typify America, as it's so ****ing big, but generally our middle class jobs seem to be the kind you'd need at least a four-year degree for; pretty much anything a "working class" schmuck would have access to would be a job with little to no room for advancement. An unfortunately large amount of these jobs seem to be fast food and other entry level hell jobs where you can be easily replaced by a sixteen-year-old.

Plumbing and welding and other "trade school" jobs are available, though I don't know how available they are in general, but since our education system is pretty much centered around getting kids into college (which it still sucks at), anybody who isn't college-bound is pretty much left to fend for themselves without being given any idea as to what to do next. You'd think there'd be some kind of partnership between public schools and trade schools to give kids some direction, but there isn't at all.

So pretty much, either you go to college and have a decent chance at a decent life, or you don't and eke out an existence as a replaceable cog.
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