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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
How many people can honestly own a business? The idea of capitalism requires a class pyramid. Sure, everyone potentially has the chance to "make it", but for the system to work, you have to have a greater number of burger flippers and grease monkey mechanics than people who can afford golf clubs. Even if the entire nation was full of college graduates, you'd still have to have particle physicists working full-time at McDonalds' for their entire lives. I'm no socialist, but unchecked social Darwinism is still nonsense.
Anyone who so desires can own a business. Get a loan. I've seen guys with tamale carts that love their jobs and do just fine for themselves. Sounds like you are partial to socialism. In theory it sounds great until you have to live it on a daily basis. Why do socialist societies have it so bad if its such a wonderful alternative? Venezuela immediately comes to mind. And i've never met a particle physicist that worked at Mcdonald's but i'd have to say i'd be impressed with her/his work ethic if he/she did. I've never seen being a mechanic as being some lowly job myself its a trade that somebody went to school to master and requires alot of skill. Lots of people claim to be mechanics but there are only so many that truly know what they're doing.
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