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I don't mind communism/socialism based on what little I know about it. I'm not striving to be rich and I have small attainable goals that even a lower-middle class salary can afford. Aside from having money to travel one day, I don't have any expensive hobbies or interests, and as it is I work harder than my coworkers for less money so at least all the lazy assholes won't be making more than me.

If technology never improved beyond it's current state I would be content living out the rest of my life, so all the creativity that Capitalism creates isn't that important. Also, I'm a fan of doing things yourself over automation (generally speaking), so fuck the robots.

I'm sure the future has a lot of wonderful things to bring but I'm happy not progressing as a species. I don't like us all that much.

Life goals: Woman, House, Garden, Education, Video Games/Computer stuff, Car, Food, and Travel.
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