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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
The only way to make that preferable is if the machines have no preference to whether or not we exist or the nature of their actions (i.e. no true artificial intelligence), so even if our autonomy was given over to the machines, we'd still have decided what form their authority would take. And robo-sluts are clearly something we would account for.
least they might be competent enough to offset the loss in democratic power.
i disagree.. i'm not sure how you reached this conclusion but it seems like a false dilemma to me. if we design AI to learn from its environment and make decisions there is nothing in the information given in that scenario alone that necessarily dictates what its ultimate attitude towards humanity will turn out to be. it seems reasonable to me to suppose that like any other intelligent entity it would be mostly self-interested

worth watching if you're ever bored enough to dedicate an hour or so to this sort of thing
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