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Originally Posted by John Wilkes Booth View Post
in what way?

Safety net programs can play four roles in development policy:

Safety nets redistribute income to the poorest and most vulnerable, with an immediate impact on poverty and inequality
Safety nets enable households to make productive investments in their future that they may otherwise miss, e.g. education, health, income generating opportunities
Safety nets help households manage risk, at least offsetting harmful coping strategies and at most providing an insurance function which improves livelihood options
Safety nets allow governments to make choices that support efficiency and growth

The safety net as a whole should provide coverage to three rather different groups:-

The chronic poor
Even in "good times" these households are poor. They have limited access to income and the instruments to manage risk, and even small reductions in income can have dire consequences for them.
The transient poor
This group lives near the poverty line, and may fall into poverty when an individual household or the economy as a whole faces hard times.
Those with special circumstances
Sub-groups of the population for whom general stability and prosperity alone will not be sufficient. Their vulnerability may stem from disability, discrimination due to ethnicity, displacement due to conflict, "social pathologies" of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or crime. These groups may need special programs to help them attain a sufficient standard of well-being.
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