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Originally Posted by ChelseaDagger View Post
Actually the Mozart effect is based on the premise that classical music can actually raise your IQ, which is obvious rubbish that was debunked ages ago, I'm not arguing with that.... but the TEMPORARY effects on certain neurological pathways becoming temporarily stimulated has been verified from a neurological approach. That's what in wondering about:

WHICH classical music best ignites the neurons that run along the spatial reasoning pathways of the brain??
As far as I know there is no correlation between the complexity of the music and the short-time increase in spatial reasoning. In fact it has been suggested, that every type of upbeat music, not only classical, may have this effect. Although I for one think it's a good thing for children to grow up with classical music.
It would probably be best to find out which music resonates most with your kids. Finding something they actually like and can relate to might have the best effect, instead of listening to things pretentious people like Frownie or me would recommend.
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