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They have been exposed to my current rut, which includes a schizophrenic mix of Celtic music, binaural beats, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, rockabilly, Counting Crows, and of course a lot of Collective Soul and Fratellis . It's interesting to watch different sounds bring about different responses from each of them... My two oldest have sensory processing challenges and seem to work better when "primed" with appropriate beats (whatever wavelengths they seem to connect with on any given day, that is)...I play music with teaching strategies in mind (a la "Frames of Mind" by Howard Gardner) because I really want music to help channel their other abilities. That's why I'm open to new suggestions from people less musically rusty than myself, who connect to the same wavelengths that my children and I do, but who have tasted and digested a variety of sounds and artists within these genres.
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