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Start Breaking My Heart

Verse 1
Start breaking my heart
Don't think about what you're doing
For if you do, you'll have to confront your demons
Our love was born in the echoes of commercial collections
With an artificialness that masqueraded as being pure
We accepted the falsity of wholeness
As a result, a price must be paid

Release me in any manner you choose
You're not beholden to my reactions
Disregard the difficulties I may endure
And the possibility of a breakdown
Take back your declarations and promises
They were gifts in the moment
And now the moment has passed
Words change like the days of history
We're simply evolving with the times

Verse 2
In warfare, there are essential rules to adhere to
With the matter between you and I
Anything is fair game
Design a flag and mark the territory
To which you'll seize and control
I'm not afraid of fracturing into pieces
I'll eventually rebuild myself into something new
One cannot thrive without reinvention
Let the necessary process begin

Verse 3
Start breaking my heart
Fight against the fear of inflicting pain
Dominate the notions which tell you otherwise
Be emotionless when you see me cry and wail
Alternative forms of separation are what I need
Disregard me and my state of being unbalanced
You're not accountable for my thoughts and actions
I'm the only one who's responsible
For how I deal with the outcome
This is how you and I will part ways

Connections - once thought of as being unbreakable
Have weakened to the point where they're unsalvageable
A cosmic realignment won't occur
No theory is necessary to know
That you should start breaking my heart

Written by B. (Wednesday, February 24, 2016) Copyright 2016
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