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Old 06-13-2016, 09:08 AM   #641 (permalink)
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End of The Road

Verse 1
Inappropriate ways of functioning
The one who should have nurtured failed miserably
She was a huge influence on the demise of your father
Even though you were never at fault
You were blamed for simply existing
Like a boat attempting to sail the fierce seas
You're constantly focused on not capsizing

Verse 2
One day ahead is the furthest you've been in your mind
As what is recalled slowly erodes your consciousness
No matter what's sold as something to abstain from
Your curiosity is not cautiously discriminating
Without much effort, you fall into obvious traps
The same ones others are able to see from miles away
You won't take advice as it's difficult to trust
Hollow unions take precedent over useful alliances
Lack of discernment and an eagerness to please
Renders you incapable of shedding a fool's skin

Verse 3
Issues and platforms are constructed or relegated to the sidelines
Some authors remain unknown
While others are elevated to a high status
Challenging their output is daunting and dangerous
Individual crimes are seen as being insignificant
But those are the ones that pose the greatest threat
The order of things is thrown off balance
And adjustments are made to usher in new normalities
Everything eventually falls into place
Those left behind are forgotten
Or serve as cautionary tales

You're a hundred times removed
From who you could have been
Hustling and bustling can only get you so far
The end of the road is closer than you realize

Written by B. (Thursday, February 18, 2016)
Copyright 2016
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We Are

Verse 1
Got no time to waste
This world we inhabit must be shaped into our image
The image of excellence and strength
Our purpose is to influence every creature and object
To ultimately rule over them
This is who we've been destined to become
Since the days of ice and fire

Verse 2
All forms of illusions and deception
Are at the core of who we are
The various masks which are worn
Distort our nature and intentions
If it weren't for secrets and lies
We would have been exposed a long time ago
Relating to our causes, to our ways of life
Is essential to our advancement

Verse 3
Without much sympathies in our dealings
What has been carved out was predetermined
You can't get more of what you want
Be grateful for all that has been given to you
Struggling to attain luxuries
While necessities are poorly managed
And are in minor supply
Reaching for the stars and skies
Is difficult when your hands are tied or cut off
It's an exquisite symphony when your prayers remain unanswered

Hearts and minds are what we've desired them to be
When things are up for grabs
We must be quick and territorial
Claiming what is found
Makes us the owners of treasures

Chorus 1
We are what you've been taught to fear
We're the space between the light and the darkness
We are the sights and sounds which captivate your senses
We're the holders of time and the hunters of gardens

Chorus 2
We are the central force you encounter
We're the shakers of lands and risers of the seas
We are the generators of trade and ideas
We're the chains to which you wish to break

Chorus 3
We are what you should cherish and adore
We're the visible part of confusion and clarity
We are the ones to instill and perpetuate greatness
We're imbued with unlimited and significant privileges

Chorus 4
We are you and you are us
We're not surrendering our possessions and doctrines
We are integral to your existences
Both real and imagined
We're the beginning of ages
And the proprietors of justice
We are the ways and means
To making the most of the here and now
We are consuming all types of skin and blood
We're mastering the art of behaviour and the possible
We are everything and everything is us

Written by B. (Tuesday, February 23, 2016)
Copyright 2016
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Start Breaking My Heart

Verse 1
Start breaking my heart
Don't think about what you're doing
For if you do, you'll have to confront your demons
Our love was born in the echoes of commercial collections
With an artificialness that masqueraded as being pure
We accepted the falsity of wholeness
As a result, a price must be paid

Release me in any manner you choose
You're not beholden to my reactions
Disregard the difficulties I may endure
And the possibility of a breakdown
Take back your declarations and promises
They were gifts in the moment
And now the moment has passed
Words change like the days of history
We're simply evolving with the times

Verse 2
In warfare, there are essential rules to adhere to
With the matter between you and I
Anything is fair game
Design a flag and mark the territory
To which you'll seize and control
I'm not afraid of fracturing into pieces
I'll eventually rebuild myself into something new
One cannot thrive without reinvention
Let the necessary process begin

Verse 3
Start breaking my heart
Fight against the fear of inflicting pain
Dominate the notions which tell you otherwise
Be emotionless when you see me cry and wail
Alternative forms of separation are what I need
Disregard me and my state of being unbalanced
You're not accountable for my thoughts and actions
I'm the only one who's responsible
For how I deal with the outcome
This is how you and I will part ways

Connections - once thought of as being unbreakable
Have weakened to the point where they're unsalvageable
A cosmic realignment won't occur
No theory is necessary to know
That you should start breaking my heart

Written by B. (Wednesday, February 24, 2016) Copyright 2016
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Old 10-20-2016, 09:23 AM   #644 (permalink)
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Oceans Will Rise

Verse 1
C-unt multiplication overload
Surrounded by countless worthless souls
The worst position to be in is the middle
Some days I'm lifted up to taste the sun
But I'm usually dragged through meaningless storms
Headaches and heartaches are sometimes intolerable
And when I get that unspeakable urge
I convince myself to breathe
Through deep breathing, I'm reattached to my senses
Consciousness is my weapon of choice
In dealing with all matters real and true

Verse 2
Retro abilities with no desire for conformity
Vintage in undisposable ways
And on a quest for high quality
Navigating through trends and demands
While desperately trying not to fall apart
All I've got is within me
Still, I cling to things which are beyond my reach

Verse 3
The future is hear and now
It requires a lot of attention
If I have enough guts and discipline
I'll partake in its rewards
But if I procrastinate
And immerse myself in popular ways
I'll constantly be running a race
To which I'll never be able to finish

Oceans will rise
When every colour in my life reveals itself
I'll only have one choice to make
Prosperity or death
Oceans will rise
When every idea of mine collides with facts
I'll have to adjust myself
So that I may fit in with the truth

Written by B. (Tuesday, March 29, 2016) Copyright 2016
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Old 10-20-2016, 09:25 AM   #645 (permalink)
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Verse 1
Saint Cecilia rejected me
My heart was impure
I didn't display enough compassion for humanity
My behaviour was too careless
It was out of focus
I guess it's just another lesson to learn
I'll add it to the list of improvements

Verse 2
I'm full of demons and decisions
Concealing their influences is a struggle
I'm slowly becoming what it is I've been taught to fear
Excessive freedom and apathy is a virulent mix
My antagonistic ways have drawn concern
I'm unmotivated when it comes to eliminating my pernicious condition
I don't want you praying for me

Verse 3
If I listen intently, I may hear the echoes
Of what has been put into motion
I could remain heartless if it renders me unfazed
If I continue to go beyond limits
If lines of demarcation are erased and redrawn
If I ultimately break my own mind
I'll cease to exist in this current form
And that would be pleasing to many
Enough for them to celebrate my long-awaited demise
But I'm alive as the fires consume my heart

I'm further away from where people want me to be / Living to their expectations is limiting / I'm seen as being a lesser man in need of a new outlook / Someone who should change their improper ways / What's hard is constantly being judged / As a result, I'm drifting further away from goodness

Written by B. (Wednesday, February 24, 2016) Copyright 2016
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Confessions On A Dance Floor

Verse 1
I love the beats, I love the movements
And all the colours of the flashing lights
I won't cover my ears, I won't close my eyes
Immersion into sweetness and magic has taken hold
It's real, it's pure and completely out of this world
Superior to any vivid dream or fairy-tale
Lush tones will linger within and around my ears
I'll be captivated to the point where I can't blink
The wave of the pulse is electrifying
It's buzz, it's shock is calling out for me
Without resistance, I surrender to the command
Instead of wasting away on my knees
I'll be high and dry

Verse 2
Through a maze, around the wheel of life
Where it ends, when it stops
Nobody knows for sure
The games have begun
And there's tricks up many sleeves
Your hands will get dirty if you're willing to dig deep
Stirred, shaken, tossed, turned over
Like storms reigning over conquered lands
Altered realities have washed away identities and souls
Through the floods of change

Verse 3
A battle between the hearts and minds
Like secrets and lies behind truth and revelation
Oil mixed with water and toxic fumes in the air
Being healthy is a daily struggle
Over the sun and moon in a different cycle
Sensations of various forms and flavours
Beginnings at the end and the end at the beginnings
Everything is connected among the sights and sounds

Confessions on a dance floor / Vibrating and settling into the core / The core of pleasure and pain / Security gets in the way of being sane / In control but out of bounds / Jumping from one target to the next / Failure and success blurred between the construction of sound

Written by B. (Sunday, September 4, 2016) Copyright 2016
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Old 10-20-2016, 09:31 AM   #647 (permalink)
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White Love

Verse 1
The pureness of paleness is deep at the core of your beating heart
And it glistens on your skin
Stiff hands would be relaxed if they could travel
Along the edges of your porcelain mountains and valleys
You are the only drug of choice
When it comes to enriching the senses in full mode
Kingdoms have been constructed by the sound of your voice
Its melodic vibes have been the anthem of armies
Your eyes are never planted in the past
With a forward outlook, you see beyond allies and foes

Verse 2
Your but-tocks are well-shaped like juicy melons
I want my hands to grab onto them and melt away
Every inch of you tells an interesting story
You're the talk of the world
Magazines and films are devoted to you
I want to kiss you with a caring fierceness
And as we become one
Our souls will be set free
Free as the wind that whistles through our bones
And warm as the desires that ignite our passions
We've been consumed with our suppressions and denials
If we don't come to terms with them, they'll blow us away

Verse 3
Believe in the one who has the power to save you
When your blood ceases to flow
You'll have everlasting life
Sacrifices must be made and multiplied in good fashion
Your guiding light has been your most ardent cheerleader
Stumbling is natural
It's a marathon, not a sprint
You have nothing to prove to others
As they're in the same condition
Spread the news to all
Shout it from the rooftops
When you're told to hush
Raise your voice louder than thunder
Obey your master to receive your reward
You'll be transported into a glorious and magnificent realm

I fantasize about you / I can't get enough of you / I'm always on the hunt for you / I honour and respect you / I promote and celebrate you / I don't want to live without you / White love / White, white love / Love white / White, white love

Written by B. (Sunday, September 25, 2016) Copyright 2016
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Our Brand Is Crisis

Verse 1
If you're caught in a bind
And you want to get out
Give us a call and we'll come flying to you
We'll brainstorm to construct a well-crafted narrative
Put it in the papers and make it go viral
The masses will chew on whatever we deliver to their homes
Most will be satisfied and beg for more
We're able to unravel multiple distractions and disorders
Like juggling balls with our eyes closed
Without the use of magic
Without relying on luck
The fruits of our labour will nourish a nation

Verse 2
If you're low with no place to go
We'll put on a show to captivate an audience
With an invisible hand, we'll scratch your back
Just as long as we're well-compensated
When you give, you take more than what's expected
Like a thief in the night
You're unheard and unseen
If you're ratted out or threatened with exposure
Donate to charity to increase your popularity
The great and the small will all bow at your feet
They'll kiss the ring while biting their tongues
You won't be castigated
You won't be stripped bare
Your name and words will act as sword and shield

Verse 3
Two sides of a coin
Both ends of a spectrum
Unbeknownst to our opponents
The decks are stacked in our favour
When solutions are needed to disputes and dilemmas
Knowing we'll be victorious, we'll offer as many
This is not a game
This is a way of life
When groomed to be successful
Failure is not an option
Our echoes linger in your dreams
Our visions blend into your shadows
All that we create is reflected in you
Scrub your skin and detox your organs
We've made plans for you
And you'll serve us very well

Our brand is crisis / What we live and what we breathe / The fire burning in us / And consuming all that we touch / We're exceptional at what we do / That's why they call us professionals / Being on top is the sole position we aspire to

Written by B. (Sunday, August 28, 2016) Copyright 2016
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Verse 1
Whitest cun-t open up and reveal your great mystery
I've heard many rumours about you
And I want some clarification
Do you lean on the side of Marilyn Monroe or Margaret Thatcher?
Do you dance with everything you sweep up in your presence?
Are you the one to bestow afterglow on regular fellows?
Do you beat the heat by letting the freak class wash your feet?
Do you conjure up inventions with your breath and sounds?
Are you quiet when the inner riots erupt among the youth?
Do you earn a wage in the cage built by the big machine?

Verse 2
Caught between minor existences and a glorious world
From far the most spectacular light that could easily blind me
Trying to grip onto anything that could eradicate my brokenness
I'd like to run across your warm beaches whole and complete
To be a star in your galaxies of pleasure would be breathtaking
An out of body experience beyond my wildest dreams
A moment you could freeze in time
For me to savour continuously

Verse 3
I'f I'm offered to breathe in your pure air
I'd gladly accept it
My lungs would be fully-formed as I'm being revitalized
Every inch of skin would be removed painlessly
I'd be shielded from the harsh environments of my old ways
This unrealized state of being
Would decorate empty spaces that have occupied my core
And taken control of my senses
I'm situated in a position that could go either way
A reality that could be a living perfection
Or a living nightmare

Sometimes it seems like I'm close to where I should be
There are no wise voices to guide me along the way
If I continue to subscribe to nonsensical notions
I won't break through the desires which surround me

They say that eyes are windows to the soul / If I stare long enough, I'll know everything about you / I'd be mesmerized and inspired to be deep inside of you / To swim across your cool and vibrant oceans of wonder / To transform myself into a unique and significant being / I want to tell you / That I spend the bland days of my life / Surfacing on your nature / But I don't know how / This unusual excitement is strong enough / That I'll break if it can't live outside of me

Written by B. (Wednesday, August 31, 2016) Copyright 2016
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The Bold And The Beautiful

Verse 1
Pleasant revelation right before my eyes
Big lips, big nose and a great skin tone
I crave every shade of brown
When I look at you, I also want to touch you
I'm wise enough now; I know better
Confusion has been cast aside
You're the only one on my radar
The only one who catches my attention
Strength and confidence are emanating from you
You're naturally spectacular
The things that you've built are marvelous
I want to get a peek inside of your brain

Verse 2
When I'm on the hunt
I have no intention to kill
Just a look from you gives me such a thrill
To the bone, a vibrating chill that gently shocks my senses
And when you go away
All that I can say is "Hey man! What the dill?"
I don't need a doctor to prescribe junk in the form of pills
I'm sure someone like you won't bend over backwards
Just to pay the bills
Determination and discipline are emanating from you
Who you are is colourfully magnetic
I'd like to unravel your mystery

Verse 3
Intimidation doesn't persuade you
You're not scared to say what you mean and mean what you say
Haters will hate as the world keeps on turning
Although you ignore them
Their eyes and mouths are burning
You can tear a bull with minimal effort
Then feed its flesh and bones to your detractors
Desire and awareness are emanating from you
You're internationally minded
How you think is inspirational
I wish that you'll teach me your ways

You are bold, you are beautiful / Bold and beautiful, bold and beautiful / You are mighty fine, you are mighty fine / Bold and beautiful

Written by B. (Wednesday, August 31, 2016) Copyright 2016
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