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Confessions On A Dance Floor

Verse 1
I love the beats, I love the movements
And all the colours of the flashing lights
I won't cover my ears, I won't close my eyes
Immersion into sweetness and magic has taken hold
It's real, it's pure and completely out of this world
Superior to any vivid dream or fairy-tale
Lush tones will linger within and around my ears
I'll be captivated to the point where I can't blink
The wave of the pulse is electrifying
It's buzz, it's shock is calling out for me
Without resistance, I surrender to the command
Instead of wasting away on my knees
I'll be high and dry

Verse 2
Through a maze, around the wheel of life
Where it ends, when it stops
Nobody knows for sure
The games have begun
And there's tricks up many sleeves
Your hands will get dirty if you're willing to dig deep
Stirred, shaken, tossed, turned over
Like storms reigning over conquered lands
Altered realities have washed away identities and souls
Through the floods of change

Verse 3
A battle between the hearts and minds
Like secrets and lies behind truth and revelation
Oil mixed with water and toxic fumes in the air
Being healthy is a daily struggle
Over the sun and moon in a different cycle
Sensations of various forms and flavours
Beginnings at the end and the end at the beginnings
Everything is connected among the sights and sounds

Confessions on a dance floor / Vibrating and settling into the core / The core of pleasure and pain / Security gets in the way of being sane / In control but out of bounds / Jumping from one target to the next / Failure and success blurred between the construction of sound

Written by B. (Sunday, September 4, 2016) Copyright 2016
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