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White Love

Verse 1
The pureness of paleness is deep at the core of your beating heart
And it glistens on your skin
Stiff hands would be relaxed if they could travel
Along the edges of your porcelain mountains and valleys
You are the only drug of choice
When it comes to enriching the senses in full mode
Kingdoms have been constructed by the sound of your voice
Its melodic vibes have been the anthem of armies
Your eyes are never planted in the past
With a forward outlook, you see beyond allies and foes

Verse 2
Your but-tocks are well-shaped like juicy melons
I want my hands to grab onto them and melt away
Every inch of you tells an interesting story
You're the talk of the world
Magazines and films are devoted to you
I want to kiss you with a caring fierceness
And as we become one
Our souls will be set free
Free as the wind that whistles through our bones
And warm as the desires that ignite our passions
We've been consumed with our suppressions and denials
If we don't come to terms with them, they'll blow us away

Verse 3
Believe in the one who has the power to save you
When your blood ceases to flow
You'll have everlasting life
Sacrifices must be made and multiplied in good fashion
Your guiding light has been your most ardent cheerleader
Stumbling is natural
It's a marathon, not a sprint
You have nothing to prove to others
As they're in the same condition
Spread the news to all
Shout it from the rooftops
When you're told to hush
Raise your voice louder than thunder
Obey your master to receive your reward
You'll be transported into a glorious and magnificent realm

I fantasize about you / I can't get enough of you / I'm always on the hunt for you / I honour and respect you / I promote and celebrate you / I don't want to live without you / White love / White, white love / Love white / White, white love

Written by B. (Sunday, September 25, 2016) Copyright 2016
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