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Verse 1
Whitest cun-t open up and reveal your great mystery
I've heard many rumours about you
And I want some clarification
Do you lean on the side of Marilyn Monroe or Margaret Thatcher?
Do you dance with everything you sweep up in your presence?
Are you the one to bestow afterglow on regular fellows?
Do you beat the heat by letting the freak class wash your feet?
Do you conjure up inventions with your breath and sounds?
Are you quiet when the inner riots erupt among the youth?
Do you earn a wage in the cage built by the big machine?

Verse 2
Caught between minor existences and a glorious world
From far the most spectacular light that could easily blind me
Trying to grip onto anything that could eradicate my brokenness
I'd like to run across your warm beaches whole and complete
To be a star in your galaxies of pleasure would be breathtaking
An out of body experience beyond my wildest dreams
A moment you could freeze in time
For me to savour continuously

Verse 3
I'f I'm offered to breathe in your pure air
I'd gladly accept it
My lungs would be fully-formed as I'm being revitalized
Every inch of skin would be removed painlessly
I'd be shielded from the harsh environments of my old ways
This unrealized state of being
Would decorate empty spaces that have occupied my core
And taken control of my senses
I'm situated in a position that could go either way
A reality that could be a living perfection
Or a living nightmare

Sometimes it seems like I'm close to where I should be
There are no wise voices to guide me along the way
If I continue to subscribe to nonsensical notions
I won't break through the desires which surround me

They say that eyes are windows to the soul / If I stare long enough, I'll know everything about you / I'd be mesmerized and inspired to be deep inside of you / To swim across your cool and vibrant oceans of wonder / To transform myself into a unique and significant being / I want to tell you / That I spend the bland days of my life / Surfacing on your nature / But I don't know how / This unusual excitement is strong enough / That I'll break if it can't live outside of me

Written by B. (Wednesday, August 31, 2016) Copyright 2016
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