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Originally Posted by djchameleon View Post
He said he was stepping away from MB for awhile because of his grandmother passing. Maybe you didn't see it since it was in another thread and you haven't been around in a bit. Check the RIP thread I believe.
She was my Aunt..
Originally Posted by innerspaceboy View Post
As a long-form journalist, nothing pains me greater than the expression, tl;dr.
Nor I. And while we're on the subject, another thing that bugs all hell out of me is people going on about "walls of text". I mean, yeah, if it's a boring medical or scientific or scholarly text, maybe (though of course plenty of people are into all of them) but just because someone takes the time to write down all they feel/want to say about something without throwing in some images or videos, you get labelled as building a wall of text? To those who have a problem with same, what's wrong with you? Did you never read a book? Are your attention spans that short that you need pictures to break up the scary wall of words? If the subject is interesting enough, if there's good writing in it and if it doesn't just keep repeating the same things, and if you're interested in the subject, why not have walls of text? What's wrong with them? I feel the ones who moan about walls of text should be looking at themselves and asking why they have a problem reading several paragraphs on a subject? I'd always rather write more than less, as long as it's not pointless drivel (which, to be fair, describes most of my writing, I know...)

Originally Posted by innerspaceboy View Post
Thanks, gents! I have a bit of exciting member journal news for you.

I'm putting together a second member journal with much shorter entries. These will be tales of retail/corporate hell as related by a well-spoken Victorian gentleman who's diary entries share tales of his experiences with suburbanite white gangsta coworkers, white supremest bosses, and tales of tech support assistance he's given to elderly technophobic employees.

The juxtaposition of my dramatic, flowery, and formal speech with their stupefying ignorance should make for an entertaining read. I've got a stockpile of idiotic interactions saved from the last 10 years of hell, so I should have a steady flow of new content each week.

I'll give it a go and see how it works out.
I hesitate to use an Americanism but I think it's appropriate here: this is going to be awesome.
Do I understand you to say you're writing this yourself, as in, it's your concept, or are you quoting from someone else's writings? Either way, it sounds like you may have bagged Journal of the Year 2017 before you've even written a word!
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