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Originally Posted by Kiiii View Post
If it makes anyone feel any better, I would've have even seen the post TH made had people not responded to it with his news of the passing. I'm not going to feel belittled because of that.

TH I'm sorry you took offense and I'm sorry for the recent passing, but I'm not going to feel like I did something wrong when I wouldn't have seen the post to begin with.
See I don't understand that. I CAN write huge walls of text, specially when I'm upset (and I certainly was) but I stopped myself from doing that, and condensed it into six lines, and you STILL found it tl;dr, esp as it was so personal. Yet I bet you read a review of some game or album that was a lot longer. I'm not taking offence that you didn't read it, as such, but that you had the gall to call it tl;dr when it most certainly was not. If you can't take ten seconds to read six lines then fine, but don't call it too long, because that is an insult, whether you see it as one or not.
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