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Originally Posted by Exo View Post
I firmly believe you posted this just to be a little sh*t. If that's what you'd do then have fun being pushed around like a chump. You wouldn't though. You'd be pissed. You're just trying hard to be against the majority. The outrage for this is perfectly acceptable and I'm one who thinks that this "outrage" culture is killing the country. This however, is acceptable reaction to what actually happened.

You're on a plane. They tell you to get off you get off. I would not argue and if the police came I sure as **** wouldn't ignore them. Resisting arrest is serious a charge. That guy could be looking at real time.

And for people saying they won't fly United. Bull**** you won't. All you do is book the cheapest flight wherever you're going. Airlines know that so they really don't give a ****.
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