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Chapter Twenty Seventy Ninety Three: Part Five

After the sun stopped being a little bitch, and finally ascended back into the sky, it actually turned out to be a pretty nice day. Even Frownland, who normally hated the daytime, felt a sweet orexis in his cock as a cool breeze accosted him. He suddenly felt the urge to go out, and have fun at the park. Putting down the picture of Ornette Coleman that he had been furiously masturbating to, he set off on his outdoor adventure.

As he entered the park, he discerned Batlord and Plankton playing disc golf on yonder hill. "Ho there, bitches!" yelled Frownland, raising a semen-encrusted hand in a jovial wave. "Suck dick," replied Batlord, in a cheery voice. "You know," said Plankton, turning to face Batlord, "I find it kind of funny that you always tell people to suck dick, when in fact you are the only currently active male member on MusicBanter who actually has sucked a dick." The Batlord shrugged, replying "Life is weird like that, huh?" Having said that, he threw his disc, and 'accidentally' hit Kiiii in the eye just as he had been passing the hill while walking his cat. "Fuck you! Fuck everyone! I quit MB!" yelled Kiiii, though not a single fuck was given. Even his cat didn't give a shit. Sad, really. "Wow," said Plankton, "you hit Kiiii harder than OccultHawk jerks off to abortions."

As Frownland laughed heartily, he gazed down into the park from his vantage point atop the hill. Truly, twas a beautiful day. The birds were singing, a cool wind was blowing, and Qwertyy was driving a Killdozer around, running over people. He also happened to spy Janszoon and Exo walking up the hill, having a conversation. "Hello, friends! Of what dost thou converse?" he asked. "Why," replied Exo, "we're simply talking about our favorite filmmaker, the great artist and visionary that has changed the world with his inspiring and stimulating works." "Stanley Kubrick?" asked Frownland. "No," replied Janszoon, shaking his head, "Roger Corman." At that moment, Chiomara jumped past them, dancing and frolicking whilst listening to Wuthering Heights or some shit.

Well, that was enough excitement for Frownland. He decided to head home, hitching a ride on Qwertyy's Killdozer. The ride went quite smoothly, until Frownland found a Nickelback CD in the glovebox, and defecated on it. Understandably, Qwertyy was not amused, and kicked Frownland out, forcing him to walk down the lonely streets of MB all by his lonesome.
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