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Originally Posted by Mord View Post
Speaking of upskirt vids...I was with my English friend at the train station one evening, and he saw this hot young girl in a mini-skirt walk by. So what does he do? I shit you not. He gets his camcorder out and runs through the train station to get an upskirt of her on the escalator. The funniest thing about this vid was he accidentally hit the record button as soon as he took the camera out of his bag. So the video is all black, then the frame shaking like crazy giving you motion sickness as he films the ground, and then the upskirt.
Originally Posted by Exo View Post
This is sad.
Surely also illegal? Those crazy Japanese? Try that anywhere else I bet you'd be arrested on the spot. The guys who do that always seem to do it surreptitiously, and with good reason. Toe cameras, or something? Shoes? I don't know: but I doubt many would run after a girl with a camera to point it up her skirt in public!
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