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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
No, I'm not talking about my dick.
Given the recent moans of Occulthawk about, well, everything, it set me to thinking (I do that once every ten or so years) what are the little things that make life bearable? Could be a sunny day, a rainstorm, birds singing, massive jugs on a woman, a great album from your favourite artist, favourite meal, whatever. Lay it on us. What keeps you away from Mister Rope and Mister Razorblade?

tl;dr: what, for you, makes life worth living?
Don't listen to Batty. This is a good thread idea, not a "stupid" one.

It would be unsurprising if this forum would rather bicker and wrings hands than talk about something life affirming.

Anyway, here goes, off the top of my head:

- Every time I haven't listened to Kate Bush in a long while, her voice strikes me as some kind of wonderful magic spell.
- I love how gorgous trees look in autumn.
- When you're really thirsty and drink some cold water. Feels so good that I sometimes wait a little bit so that I'm a bit thirstier when I drink it
- When I've watched a really good movie and feel all introspective and calm when the credits roll. The best movies change my mindset for the rest of the evening and make me feel more inspired and lucid.
- Coffee is mostly just an everyday thing, but sometimes a warm cup of coffee really, really hits the spot.
- When a beautiful hairdresser presses your head against her bust to reach the far side of your head with her scissors Sadly, it's a dude that cuts my head these days, but oh well. Don't do a good thing so often it wears thin.
- Family dinners with just my closest family - especially if lots of wine is involved.
- I'm not much of an animal person, but they still manage to melt my frosty heart at times. If I was suffering with clinical depression, I think a prescription for a pet chimpanzee would cure me.
- Being around lively, joyful people (so definitely not here).
- Good news about things I expected to go to ****.
- Reading funny comic strips. Probably my favorite kind of comic.
- A melody that is so achingly beautiful that I feel a great stirring of emotions.
- The way the air feels different very, very early in the morning.
- The sound of heavy rain outside. I leave my window open if its raining a lot. Just something about it that soothes me.
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