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Default You and I Try

You attempt to hold me
I just push you away
Dont you get it by now
I need some space
So tired of you being near
You're suffocating me
Just leave me alone
I must break free
I remember the first time i saw you
You were a gorgeous sight
Now when i look at you
It just hurts my eyes
Have you never heard of
Too much of a good thing is a bad thing
Well put two and two together
The bad thing is now you
The last thing i want to do
Is hurt you of course
But i really must
Show you the door
Dont want to walk
In this world alone
But i dont want to
Be dragged along
You dont comprehend
And you try again to hold me
Dont know whats going
Through that mind of yours
I push you far away
Did you think i wouldnt
But this time i shove you
Out the front door
You yell and punch at it
But all i do
Is go to my bedroom
And think of you no more

Took you a couple of weeks
To get the picture
Go out for my daily walk
What i see breaks my heart
Sitting on a bench is you
All alone weeping
Something inside me snaps
In a minute im at your side
Surprised to see me
No need to say any words
I take you into my arms
And we tell a story
Still no words
Slip out each others lips
Its strange, but in a way
We share sweet bliss
Is this love
Im not even sure
But theres something here
That i missed before
Cant believe
That i almost let you go
Thank god for fate
Or i would of lost a piece of my soul
I wonder to myself
How i could be so blind
to not see the treasure
Hidden within this guy
We get up hand in hand
And walk down a path together
Not thinking about anything
But each other

this used to be title I try, but i changed it
I walk into the house
So tired and bland
Just want to lay down on the couch
But you come and give me this look
And i know you wont let it be that way
You yell at me without hesitation
Dont even know what i did
I try to get you to calm down
But that just results in the opposite

Same thing keeps happening frequently
What is it about me that gets you so upset
I just cant figure it out
Afraid im going to lose you
Cant live in this world alone
I know it sounds ridiculous
But is the damn truth
I try to tell you this
But you just throw the vase at me
It shatters against the wall
Cant take my eyes off it
Its come down to this
The glass pieces show whats become of us
A chill comes over me

Next thing i know im out the door
How i got here is a wonder
My keys arent working
And you arent opening the door
I shudder as a walk down
The porch steps and onto the street
Its in the middle of december
Look up into the sky that reflects my mood perfectly
Dwell much to far into my troubles
A crash behind me
Probably from a stray
Brings me back to reality
Look back for one of the many last times
Then continue walking the cold streets
In the middle of Woebegone
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