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Default My Home

Listen to this story
About my home.
About all the time that
I spent alone.
And during fights all the
Plates that were thrown
The screaming echoed eve- (every)
-ry one that broke

So when you ask me why
I seem so shy.
It's cuz I've been quiet
Most of my life.
Not much to say cuz I
Never liked fights.
And when I was home thats
All I would find.

I dont even know what
Love really is.
No I couldn't tell you
The truth of it.
Someone great said its all
You really need.
Oh no, so where the f.uck
Does that leave me?

So I would run and hide
Down in my room.
Try to think of something
That I could do
Legos, paper airplanes,
Computer too
Couldn't wait till I could
Go back to school


Not too cool but I would
Just find a smile.
It would hide the hate for
A little while
The family split while I
Was still a child
I guess thats just the A-
-merican style

(Chorus x2)
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