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Originally Posted by [MERIT] View Post
I don't see it that way. We don't know what he has experienced in his life that has led him to this point. Also, he has a point. If you look up "Black Pride" and "White Pride" on Wikipedia, you get VASTLY different connotations:

"Black pride is a movement in response to dominant white cultures and ideologies that encourages black people to celebrate black culture and embrace their African heritage."

"White pride is a motto primarily used by white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations in order to signal racist or racialist viewpoints."

That's complete fucking bullshit, and you know it. They are saying that it's okay for blacks to be proud of their ancestry, but not for white people. I'm not saying that white people haven't done some fucked up shit, but so have black people, and every other race on this planet. Is it right to judge everyone by the sins of their ancestors?
Racial pride as a concept is generally retarded, black or white, but if you look at the people espousing those, the black pride guys are usually okay, while the white pride guys are dumb, whiny pieces of ****.
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