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Originally Posted by Expletive Deleted
Modest Mouse haven't been "new" for about ten years. What albums have you listened to? I really can't imagine anyone listening to more than one album by MM and then saying all their songs sound the same and they use all the same riffs. Even on, say, Moon & Antarctica their sound changes drastically throughout the course of the whole album.

The Mars Volta are a boring, God awful excuse for "experimental" music. And I assume you're an asshole if you decide to pigeonhole me just because I don't like a pair of mediocre bands.
I told you i heard M&A...And i assume by "drasticly changing" you mean "they go from accoustic to electric" or something like that?

Im pigeonholing you only because you like Modest Mouse, and my biased hatred for that band inspires to hate everyone who does like them, its a bad habit.

And you havent read pitchforks reviews, they are pretty horrible.
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