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How about you shut the **** up and don't post where your obviously not wanted. I want criticism about the song, not some **** ass chick in here bein a dumb ass and bashin on me. Leave me alone and post somewhere where your ****ing wanted.
she's right. If you want to get respect give respect. Dont hate on people that say you suck when you asked them to criticize you in the first place.

anyways your best line is:
You are my cocaine
and I need you all the same

your good lines are underlined, your bad ones are bold, others are meh.

I saw you in my head
I was lying in my bed
the picture of your face
brought me to this place

The reasons I love you
there arent just a few
you are what keeps me alive
and thats why I strive
to get more of this drug
a drug that I call love

You are my cocaine
and I need you all the same

bridge sound

Just the thought of you,
It cuts me deep and through,
wishing you were here,
I would hold you close and near,
oh so far away,
I'll see you another day,

but for the time being,
I will remain dreaming

bridge sound

Do I talk to much,
am I just enough
am I what you need
or should I take heed
Am I in the dark,
are you just leaving your mark,
oh I love you so,
I will never let you go

bridge sound

I hope this never ends,
I love you more than just friends
will you always love me,
will you always hold me,
I will always love you,
I will always be true,
you can count on me,
to help you to be free
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