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hmmm...this really reminds me of like a rolling stone. especially the chorus. please say it has nothing to do with that.

One of them without some pants

I wonder if at night she cries - without pants? REMOVE

Living life out on the street - is that shi tty as shi t?

"sounds sh itty as f uck to me."
I wouldn't say it has nothing to do with that, they're both about homeless people. I wasnt thinking of that song at all when I wrote it though.

The person without pants was one of the kids, why should I remove that?

The rhyming feels a little simple and some of them were raped. I dig the concept very much though the conlcusion is a bit cliché.
I wasn't even gonna write that conclusion last night but I said screw it and wrote the first thing to come to mind. I'll work on it.

Which rhymes got "raped"?
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