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Originally Posted by Stone Magnet
but most often I find punk to be very unexciting. I don't mean it lacks energy, I'm merely stating that numerous punk bands sound identical to me. That's my opinion on the subject. If you don't agree with it, then whatever. Snarling at me isn't going to change anything.

i gotta agree with you about numerous punk bands sounding identical, for every good original sounding band there are hundreds that do a half assed job trying to sound exactly like them. I think its the same with any genre though, you gotta dig through the BS to find the good stuff. Thats the main reason why i try to avoiding stating that i dont like a particular genre because there may be a good band burried somewhere in there that i havent heard yet. good bands are good bands, shit bands are shit bands, in my opinion someone that shuts out an entire genre because of a few bands that they dont like is the same as avoiding a restaurant because of the one time the chimichangas gave you exploding ass.
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