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mostly things "around" (as opposed to core members) of anticon like cLOUDEAD or beans.
about iggy, i think post pop depression was a great album for him to make at this stage of his life and i hope he ll keep it his last..
"like to open a venue some day" i really hope you succed!
"I feel too important to be questioned." ))))))))))))))

me i m a math teacher..
about hiphop, i aint no snob and i like a lot hiphop related stuff.
i just think that last lets say decade things are overrated. i dont follow things that closely but i have heard albums by the OF thing and i m not impressed (Earl sweatshirt i think is the only one i care about) or all the asap this and asap that rappers, or even kendrick, except butterfly i think that the rest of his stuff are ok albums and nothing more and that as a rapper he's pretty mediocre. or vince staples (why the fuss?) or schoolboy q or underground stuff like death grips. i dont know, cant feel it.
about the cultural thing i understand but that was always the case, so its irrelevant about the 2010's "flourishness" of hiphpp [as i perceive it]
maybe i cant fully appreciate the cultural aspect of the thing and how it works dynamically cuz i m far away from things [ i never even set foot in the us] i mean, maybe nowwadays is more important for some reasons (i can think a few) although i doubt it cuz many of the same, or other reasons existed in the 80s p.e. anyaway.

the aesthetic/fashion thing:
in my country things are like this: 20 years ago if you looked at someone's clothes you had a pretty good idea what kinda music he liked (and many other things i d say like political views but thats a long discussion....)
nowadays all the kids look cool and they prefer hiphop influenced clothes and behaviors (im oversimplifying too keep it short) but kids arent cooler than they used to be. they look cooler yeah. so what i mean is that in many cases the "endorsement "of hiphop culture is epidermic.

about t.waits you mean rain dogs i guess.

dharma and greg
i envy both of you about the hearing. mine was better i think......
"vast, ever-growing library of digital music" exactly mything!
although as time goes by i feel more and more honestly bad about the artists not getting paid.
"throw a bit of money down at Bandcamp" thats probably the solution i will give to this problem.. seems the best among those i can afford.
"sing under my breath at work to pass the time"


general cocnclusions
nobody seems to give a dam about tom waits. i would recommend a mixtape i ve made with waits' songs. its on mixclod but i think i read that i m not allowed to link to streaming sites, and no self-promotion or something, for some period of time, i dunno, at some point i ll go read the rules in detail.

rate your music seems to be very popular. never used it myself..

most people would go to the iggy concert. hes gonna come this summer to my country headlining a festival. the ticket is now 40 euro wich is a lot and we dont know who else is gonna play. as they announce more names price of the ticket will go up. thats the deal. i m not sure what i ll do yet.....

about the coltrane album i think its unfair to rate it as a 2018 album! on the other hand, i understand..

well.....'nough said for today!

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