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Maybe this'll make up for my hilarious welcome post.

1. been to any good concerts lately?

Last concert I went to was back in August. The Flaming Lips at the Agora Theater in Cleveland. Kicked ass.

2. do your ears sometimes hurt nowadays? [mine are beginning to do]
have you considered using earplugs?

I've always had sensitive hearing and have always used earplugs. I forgot them at the aforementioned Lips show and had to put some rolled up paper towel in my ears instead.

3. what are your 3 favorite 2018 albums? what record was the most dissapointing?

Not sure what my top three are. Mid-Air Thief's Crumbling is at my number one spot for sure. As for "disappointing" i.e. something I was expecting to be good but turned out to be bad...I suppose Shining's album from last year was disappointing as in I expected it to not be Earth-rendingly ****ty.

4. do you liked the last spiritualized album? you think he kinda repeats himself? or is this exactly the point?

I enjoyed it yeah. It's no Ladies & Gentlemen but it was still good. He has a successful formula and sticks with it. Pierce is reaching the end of his career and I think AEH symbolizes that.

5.what about the beak> album?

Liked it.

6. would you pay to see iggy pop live now(this summer actually) in his 70's?
do you think its true he wont make another album?

No and probably.

7. why you think hiphop dominates nowadays? do you think it dominates? has it gotten better? [i think not] has it more to do with clothes and lifestyle in general than with music? [youknow teenagers wearing hoodies and all that]

(1) Because hip-hop and R&B have always been attractive to the general populous and especially the youth of America. Probably because of some convoluted cultural meaning it provides to them. (2) I most certainly dominates too, it recently passed rock (I think last year?). (3) It's always been fairly good but more avenues for experimentation have been opened in the past decade and thus a lot of good **** has spawned. (4) It seems you don't really understand the appeal of hip-hop so trust me when I say it's not just a fashion statement.

8. whats your favorite tom waits album?

Never liked him.

9. do you consider reggae to be a fully legit kind of music, or kinda 'inferior'? [if the answer is inferior may you burn in hell.

I suppose it's as "fully legit" as a genre can get, whatever that entails.

10. how do you listen to music? i mean spotify, mp3+winamp in a computer [its what i mostly do] or you play records or just youtube all day long or what?

Burned CDs onto my phone. A lot of the obscure stuff I really like is on YouTube though, yes.

11. do you listen to the actual radio or some kind of internet radio or podcast or whatever?

I (reluctantly) listen to the radio when I'm in the car and my phone's dead, and I have yet to find a good music-centric podcast that entertains me.

12. name 3 musical sites you like to visit.

Discogs, RateYourMusic, and this hunk of junk.

13. do you spend some money in music-related stuff? how? how many?

(1) Yes. (2) USD. (3) Depends.

14. does your profession or studies or something that has to do with your 'main occupation' lets call it has to do something with music?

I don't currently have an occupation but currently I'm a journalism major with a minor in audio design & production. The latter has something to do with it, but the former is mainly so I can vie for an editorial position in (hopefully) a music-centric journal.

15. do you actively play an instrument? in a band or orchestra or in a quartet or smth?

I play drums on-and-off.

16. do you like beeing asked questions? about almost any subject? why? do es it make you feel important?

(1) If they're good questions. (2) If they're good questions. (3) Keeping everything locked inside is boring. (4) Not when it's being asked of the whole site, no.

17. you sometimes sing when you take a bath? when you dont?

(1) In the shower, not the bath. Bath's too quiet. (2) I devote my entire attention to cleaning myself.

18. do you read actual muzic magazines or fanzines sometimes?

I don't. If there's a good webzine out there I'd go for it but I'm not subscribing to a magazine any time soon.

19. will it kinda bother you if i dont put a question number 20 and leave it at 19? are you 100% sure?

(1) No. (2) Yes.

Probably the least offensive rendition of my username I've seen.

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