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Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
yeah it's shiet I'm just saying Texas Repubs should know their supply and demand when they boast a low cost of living

it's not the taxes, it's that Cali produced a culture that made everyone want to live there
I agree. It’s too bad they lacked the courage to produce a culture where everybody can live there. Silicon Valley generated the wealth to create cummunal living spaces, comfortable rent controlled or even rent free housing for the people who created the culture they love, they could have preserved the Hispanic and black diversity but all they did was buy it and wall it off. They talk about connectivity and bridges but in terms of practice they live exactly like Trump. I’m no more welcome there than I am in the Trump Tower or Mar a Lago and they use the exact same power structure to exclude me. You can’t hoard wealth and property and not be the problem. I respect the republicans in north Texas more than property owners in the Bay Area because in actual practice they’re less exclusionary. The Republicans around here may be misguided but they’re not part of an oligarchical ruling class that actively limits my mobility. The Bay Area is prohibitively expensive. That’s real tangible oppression not just a philosophy.

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