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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
Pointing out your inability to support your own stances beyond regurgitating the culture war bull**** that you read on The Fedaralist is not a threat to freedom of the press.
Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Or maybe you just don't have the attention span to actually look at what's happening over there. OH distilled a fair amount of what that video actually goes over. It isn't "culture war bull****", it's that SF is no longer a place where the vast majority of people can make a sustainable living. It's exactly the kind of place that Republicans love to use as a prime example of why liberals shouldn't run cities without right-wing oversight at the state level.

My comments about "freedom of the press" were more directed to your idiotic dismissal of a legitimate story covering a real problem rather than whether or not San Francisco had any good points culturally.
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Originally Posted by Frownland
You can't blame the Jews for everything...just most things.
Originally Posted by OccultHawk
Trump might be the best thing since free jazz.

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