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Close To The Edge is my favorite too.

I also <3 Tales From Topographic Oceans, but i understand that a lot of people just can't bear to listen to it.

That's what i love about Yes and a lot of prog, they challenge you with their music, you either love them or hate them... I didn't like TFTO very much the first time i heard it, but after a few more listens i fell in love with it.

For me, being pretentious is all part of the fun.

I'd certainly avoid the majority of their 80s and 90s stuff though.... They went downhill after 90125, they turned into a Duran Duran lite pop group... Though their last album Magnification was quite a improvement, i really liked it.
It's only knock n' knowall, but I like it

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I only listen to Santana when I feel like being annoyed.
I only listen to you talk when I want to hear Emo performed acapella.
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