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And now we have the ongoing Trump show. This season's shocking finale: will the brave soon-to-be-ex-President and his stoner buddies sorry fellow Republican AGs and senators manage to defeat the evil hordes of Biden and the Democrats, fulfilling the destiny sworn on a bloody sword (not his blood of course; some homeless guy, probably black) by his father when he was a boy: YOU WILL NEVER LOSE?

Stay tuned.

And now a word from our sponsors:

El-ect-tion rigged by Blue State Pigs
Deep in the heart of Texas.
We won't take it, we'll throw a fit
Deep in the heart of Texas.
So you and I will to SCOTUS fly
It's the Republican nexus
We'll over turn or this country will burn
Deep in the heart of Texas!

(The foregoing was a paid political advertisement paid for by the Stop the Steal Movement, Make America Great Again Again and Save America, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the poster or this forum)
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