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When I first started on MB I posted a few of some of my first songs. I thought they were good (my silly little mind) and I was quickly shot down by some of the members on here. I argued, was annoyed by how they made fun of the lyrics. Then I started to take notice of what they said. I got better, but I was still shot down. Then I started to write deep stuff with no real meaning. Yet again I was shot down. Then I just took all the advice everyone had given me and wrote down some lyrics. They started to actually credit me on my writing skills, and I have got better and better since then.

My point is, post up some of your OWN stuff. Make it different from other bands. The first song I posted I was trying to be some Blink/Fall Out Boy combination and I was quickly shot down for writing a Blink/Fall Out Boy combination of a song. Even if your first lyrics are bad, you keep on writing and take in the advice these guys give you. Then you will eventually become better. Look at angel18. When she first wrote a song it was god awful, and even though her lyrics aren't fantastic she has persevered, took into account our advice and is now a better songwriter because of it. Post your own stuff, then we'll help you. And if you stay on MB and continue to post songs we will continue to help you improve them. MB is a guaranteed miracle cure for bad songwriting.
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