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Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
at some point one of you guys are going to have to run at least a Google search on this

menthols are proven more likely to hook young smokers and are probably a bit more toxic

I got curious about a year ago as to why people smoke the cig brands they do
I think you explained it very clearly.

It's a more toxic cigarette marketed towards black people like they're trying to make money off of hurting black people.

The ban is kind of stupid in the grand scheme of things but if they don't get why a black health organization would want to ban it they're kind of dumb. I'd push a campaign to inform people rather than a ban but that's me. Not just on the racist marketing of that cigarette but also the way they manipulated women to smoke through the feminist movement.
Lucem, you're right, it's silly to talk about what I would or wouldn't do IRL. Glad you brought it up. Maybe you should write an instrumental about it. I recommend a piano paired with a clarinet. With ambient sounds of you hanging from your shower curtain you ****ing failure.

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