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Originally Posted by jadis View Post
Dunno, every relationship begins differently but I’ve had quite a few of those (including one that resulted in a child I had zero interest in having). Often it has something to do with the lucky young lady digging/getting my sense of humor, which is clearly not the case here (the Serious Centrist caricature is not me, it’s the thing I hate the most)!

I'm rarely as annoying IRL as I am here though.

Also: women are insecure and desperate for compliments. If you can work with that you'll be fine.
You just talk so much crap...then more crap apart from being a complete arse.
You have no respect for anything that breathes...
yes that sums up your first breath.

Originally Posted by Exo View Post
Asked Dana to marry me on Monday. She said yes, haha. Doin adult things! Super happy.
I am so pleased that somebody has found 9 is a great place to be..I have been married forever.
.if you need any advice ..
best find out the hard way...joking
Congratulations and wait for it...whilst everyone else ducks..

this is you Exo singing your loved one...

Originally Posted by Norg View Post
i wanna go to colombia and fudge some women and snort coke ...?????

anyone speak spanish wanna come with me LOL ..???
hasta la vista babe......

always two late for a trip or two

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