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1. What is your favourite month, and why?
February. It's high summer, and the Festival of Perth and the Fringe Festival are in full swing.

2. What non-MB-related thing did you do immediately before reading this?
Put sardines on toast as part of my breakfast.

3. What is or was your favourite board game?

4. Generally speaking, do you find it difficult or easy to find clothes in your size (in other words, are you a fat/tall/short/skinny bastard?)
Always been slim (still reasonably so), hence I often find my size is not available in pants/shorts/bathers.

5. What was the very first media you owned for music (CD/MP3 player/Record player/Gramaphone/Edison wax tube phonograph/caveman drums etc)?
A little portable gramophone that I got as a present.

6. If you have a favourite flag, which is it and why?
Canadian. The maple leaf is the perfect symbol, and the fact that it can also be viewed as two faces arguing is appropriate considering the controversy that preceded the flag's adoption.
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