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I'm just bored, so I'm gon put this out. Maybe someone can offer other views here. But as much as Prez and Tech are quoted among underground hip-hop heads as positive alternatives, I honestly can't stand either one. It's not that I hate all rap, either. I like artists like 2Pac, Sage Francis, The Coup, and Esham. I just can't get where Prez or Tech are coming from. Here's why:

Immortal Technique- I just really disagree with this guy too often. I'm personally not really liberal or conservative, but I have some views on each side. His stance on illegal immigration, is one thing I don't agree with (link). Caesar Chavez, LAIR, and many LEGAL Hispanic-Americans oppose illegal immigration, too. Are they "racist" against their own people? Please. For those who do it legal, it's hard work and about a 4 year process, versus some random guy who jumps a gate and runs and makes it a 10 hour thing. It's a political and legal issue, not race. Some Minutemen patrol the Canadian borders also. But, it's simply not as big of a problem as the MILLIONS hopping the Mexican border. Also, him saying this:

"As for homophobia, Hip Hop never embraced f@ggots. One can’t deny that there are probably rappers, DJ's and fans that are mo's but I think since the culture was based around proving ones manhood; acting like a fruitpop isn’t gonna get you anywhere."

The idea that all g@y people act a certain way is a false generalization portrayed by the media. It's not so much that he hates g@y people that I care about. I could care less. Free speech. Hate whomever. But, would my opinion still be taken seriously if I made a sweeping generalization about black people and said this?:

"as for racism, prog-rock has never embraced n**gers. Since the genre is based around philosophy and intellect, acting like a retarded drugdealin thug wannabe isn't gonna get you anywhere"

He knows nothing of this issue, if he's using such generalizations, and he's too ill-informed on this sh!t, to be influencing young stupid kids and encouraging this whole g@ys are less than people mentality. So the anti-g@y thing, and adding fuel to the fire for the protester supporters to turn this illegal issue into a race issue. 2 BIG things I don't like thats are a big part of his current message or image. And many kids wanna buy into that sh!t, which he's also making look cool. I'm not classist, either. We have poor of our own to worry about across all racial lines and backgrounds. I just think the illegals should protest at home before hopping over a gate, forgoing proper procedure and making demands of US here, because we allow them to.

I support his freedom of speech, but F*CK calling this guy revolutionary.

Dead Prez- These guys make too many general statements. Like "I hate callin niggas "niggas" so I'ma take it backwards but I got no love for whitey and love callin 'em crackas!" Is this speaking to rich white government or just white people in general? Or their video for "Hell Yeah".

Is it just coincidental that everyone they attack in that video happens to be white? After all that white family wasn't some elitist corporate figureheads or nazi skinheads. What could the little girl and boy have done, anyway? And the pizza delivery guy did nothing as they rapped "whiteboy in the wrong place at the right time, soon as the car door open up he mine, roll up quick and put the pistol to his jaw, but the look on his face he prolly sh!tted in his drawls" while mugging him. And, yes, I realize many of their fans are white. BUT, I tend to think that many white kids, now are mindless trendwhores, who completely wouldn't care if they followed an anti-white hate group, if they had good beats, so that means nothing to me. While many of their black fans (not saying all) are as racist as DP are.

I completely don't mind rappers' use of the word "cracka". I could see that term being used for elitist or racist types and CERTAIN white people in power. But, this sh!t just seemed indiscriminately prejudice and "ignant" as f*ck. Fighting fire with fire is bound to stir up more resent on BOTH sides.

As much as some people quote these guys as a "positive alternative" to the commercial stuff, I just think DP's type of violent revolutionary sh!t could potentially be a worse influence than the commercial stuff, if it actually caught on just as big. Dividing a further wedge between people. I have nothing to do with some racist cops, ignorant redneck conservatives, or corporate elite. Just like not all black people are ignorant "thugs" and criminals. Those black "thugs", though, are just as racist as those white cops, as I've had family members robbed by black guys using racial slurs, just for being white in the wrong neighborhood. Hate crimes and such need to be attacked on both sides. NOT ENCOURAGED. That is not progressive or "revolutionary". It's just hatemongering. Classism is a much larger issue than racism, now. Disarming the hate on BOTH sides of this whole black-white quarrel is the first step to uniting poor black and poor white America. Well, that's how I feel, anyway.
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