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I really could not see Technique being an anti-*** activist. He uses ***got or homo in the same way that someone would use bitch or dumbass. It is so common in English that people use those words that they have really lost any anti-homosexual meaning. Maybe I haven't been listening to the right songs to hear all this anti-*** jargon. He does say *** or homo, the main songs of his that I am addicted to right now are Cause of Death, Creation and Destruction, Interally Bleeding, Obnoxious, Crossing The Boundary.

I love Immortal Technique and think his is right on target in the majority of his songs. Cause of Death has to be one of the greatest songs I have ever heard, or at least ones that push a political agenda. All of his music is so much better than his contemporaries as far as his ability to articulate his feelings. Rage Against the machine or any of these other political bands don't hold a candle to Technique.
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