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Originally Posted by cas
I don't see what's so difficult to understand. Everything Tech said was on point. ****... he didn't even mention the fact that the US exploitation of NAFTA is directly responsible for the recent influx of illegal immigrants.

As far as the minuteman project goes... it has nothing to do with the "protection of our borders" and everything to do with preventing the influence of Hispanic culture here in the United States. Any patrolling of the Canadian border is purely a symbolic gesture made to hide the racist motivation behind their actions.

I could really care less about the *** comments. I'm sure that you could find artists from any musical genre that feel the same way, Tech's just more outspoken. You might not agree with his message but his skill on the mic cannot be denied. Tech is clearly one of the best, if not the best rappers out today.
Actually, Canada's part of NAFTA, also. The main difference is the corruption and incompetence of the Mexican government. STILL, there are too many arguements against illegal immigration, that have nothing to do with race. Playing the race card for everyone who opposes it is immature as h*ll. I do think immigration should be easier, but I feel that fixing the problems in Mexico should be the top priority. Granted, the United States wastes enough food in one year to feed an entire 3rd world nation, but we simply don't have the overall jobs or resources to accommodate the MILLIONS of illegal aliens hopping the gate. You can see it, now. They are no longer just taking jobs "that noone wants", but moving onto jobs like construction and others. Citizens can't possibly compete with the wages they work for. I've even heard a number of legal Hispanic immigrants, disagree with illegal immigration. Caesar Chavez and LAIR come to mind, right off the bat.

"preventing the influence of Hispanic culture here"? Sorry, don't get me wrong. I'm far from conservative, but that's just politically correct liberal bull. Like the idea that only white people can be "racist". Heard of Cinco DeMayo? Diversity is one of our nation's strong points and greatest strengths. I'm pro immigrant, LEGAL immigrant, and hate the term "anti-immigrant" being used for border control advocates. Like saying it's because every last one of us is just against the idea of immigration as a whole because of some xenophobic bull. Granted there are a number of ignorant white people who are racist, that support strong borders, BUT many who oppose illegal immigration for plenty of other VALID reasons are just being unfairly labeled. It's MUCH more complicated than everyone opposing it being "despicable, evil racists". That sounds more like McCarthyism than anything, to me. Some of my favorite entertainers are Hispanic or of Hispanic descent.

I don't have a problem with or any animosity towards the illegals themselves, though. As long as they are conscious of the fact that they are outlaws, and they're not part of the protesters or their supporters. I may do the same thing, in their shoes, as far as trying to come here. But, I'd be conscious that I came here as an outlaw and this had nothing to do with civil rights, and I'd just keep silent during this whole ordeal and pray for the best. It takes a lot of nerve for outlaws who don't have the nerve to revolt in their own country to forgo proper procedure, sneak in, and make DEMANDS from us. I'm surprised INS wasn't on hand at the protests, checking for green cards and ID. I'm just as against the idea of social security fraud, not paying taxes, and such from anyone, as many people being immaturely labeled "racist" are. Even if it were my WHITE twin cousin from the north, I'd be against it. I maybe sympathetic if they were family, but I would also tell him TO HIS FACE to keep a low profile, because he's here as an outlaw, not a citizen.

PS, don't go with the Native American arguement. I didn't agree with that either, but it's ancient history. People from all racial backgrounds (black, white, legal immigrants, 2nd or 3rd gen and their offspring) grew up here, now. And these laws are here for a reason and not just to keep any one particular group of people out.
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