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The situations of Canada and Mexico in relation to NAFTA are entirely different. The United States did not displace millions of Canadian farmers by flooding their market with cheap, government-subsidized agriculture. The fact is that we increased subsidies to our agricultural industry by $180 Billion dollars the minute NAFTA went into effect, knowing the effect it would have on the independent Mexican farmer. So tell me, what are these people supposed to do? What would YOU do when you have a family to support and the US corporate monster just swallowed your only means of doing so?

But enough of the Mexican perspective and let’s consider the effects of this topic in our own country. Our economy is fueled by illegal immigration. Are you aware that even as recently as the early 1990s the US government has recruited workers from Mexico for a significant part of our unskilled labor supply? Why do you think that is? It is also a fact that illegal immigrant contribute far more to our economy than they ever take. That includes social security and taxes, which most illegal immigrants pay into but never draw the benefits.

These just some of the ugly truths that most people do not want to face. Nobody seems to mind paying these people pennies to do menial jobs until they have to wait in line a little longer at the grocery store for the clerk to get a Spanish translator. That's the point that people start becoming all self-righteous over illegal immigration and start spouting off about possible “terrorism” or any multitude of other lame excuses. What people really fear is that in the near future (and already to some extent) these “illegal immigrants” will become a political force and, like I said… spread the influence of their culture.

The bottom line is that things are fine the way they are. If you look into it, I’m sure you will find that most of these so-called “protestors” are not illegal immigrants and are just as clueless to the situation as those calling to shut down the borders. The illegal immigrant just wants to keep a low profile earn some cash to support his family.
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