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Originally Posted by oojay View Post
no joke. nobody realizes that this thread was just created by hiu to cause dysfunction on the boards. they just welcome it and use it to bash christianity. I guess we'll se whose right when we're all dead.
The irony is that you'll never know I was right all along.


Originally Posted by Kurt_Cobain View Post
Exactly, and why does no other religion that believes in the afterlife get bashed? Because if I said muslims preached wars, or hindus are ridiculous for bowing to blue deites all day, id be racist..oh..dear..
Night everyone.
that would be because we don't generally have to deal with Muslims or Hindus shoving their views down our throats every day. I'm sure that if we did we would have basically the same reaction, plus, any arguments made against Christianity hold up for most other religions.
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